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Using its over ten-year experience in stainless steel processing and production of machines and plants for the textile and food industries, in 1995 Giuseppe Dalla Valle created his own company, DVG Inox, who was born to meet the pressing demands from the entire Northeast concerning mechanical engineering.

Moreover, thanks to its talent and know-how acquired over the years and to the various inventions and innovations, DVG Inox was quickly able to assert itself as a reliable and versatile supplier of mechanical machining for third parties.

The company, thanks to the precision and quality of the work performed, and to its ability, also working on projects, to propose solutions to solve technical issues, soon became an important reference point for many established business realities of its territory.

It remained so, DVG Inox actually offers a technologically advanced plant and highly qualified personnel, determinant keys for following and satisfying a market that has dramatically accelerated its evolution.

Flexibility and resilience define the activity that DVG Inox carries on.