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DVG Inox started in 1995 processing stainless steel and has been since then increasingly operating in the manufacturing of machinery for the textile, dairy and mechanical industry.

The Company was rewarded in 1997 by an immediate success because it quickly became the first one in Italy to conceive, engineer and produce stainless steel accessories for truck tuning.


Thanks to its innovative design, to the quality of the workmanship as well as of the materials used, DVG directly entered the Italian truck tuning market as its leader.


Throughout the years the company has achieved  the most beautiful and appreciated trucks in Italy. 

The secret of its success still resides in the highest materials quality and in the continuous search for designing new accessories.


In 2010 DVG created an own branch dedicated to the engineering and production of stainless steels ground structures and installations for photovoltaics.


DVG Inox is actually working for the four following fields of applications: 


- stainless steel accessories for trucks (both standard and customized upon customer's request)

- accessories for the photovoltaics

- mechanical constructions

- barbecue


The constant attention paid to the adoption of the new technologies matched with its long lasting experience still makes DVG able to face and realize a wide range of manufacturing processes, ensuring therefore its customers an accurate and professional service.